02 June 2014

So Called Accident

Taken on recent island hopping trip with my sister. There were supposedly about 5 or 6 frames left on the film, but somehow they got stuck and as a result the images didn't fit properly into their frames. Oh well. But, I personally liked the first photo best.

27 March 2014

Brunswick Street

The good old strolling district. One day, I went out with little sister and her friend to grab a cold drink on fine Melbourne summer day.

26 March 2014

The Devoted Workspace

Where I can do anything in my room. Haven't been in touch for quite a long time though. I miss ye ink and brushes.

I'm not usually get bored easily at my workdesk, but when I do, I rummage other people's studio too.

They usually get interrupted and left the work unfinished. My bad. Peace out!

20 February 2014

Beach Ghosts

just me and my sister floating around Australian beaches, featuring the gorgeous LC-A+ Russia Day.

What a pier-hogging day!

Them Blue Skies

Them blue skies remind me of those days being lifted up high to the sky.  

Thank you for the lovely summer memories. Hope to see you again sometimes.